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 Mighty Bird Twister

Mighty Bird Twister

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Birdie Bagels, balls and a bell

Does your birdie like colorful cardboard? Do you like reusable parts? Do you like a happy bird? Yes? A match made in heaven. 

Birdie Bagels that have been cut with the colorful sections strung together with Marbella beads in between. The feathery one can peel the colored paper off the bagel then bite and chew and demolish the board all the while bonking his/her beak on the colorful plastic balls that you get to reuse when the bagels are all gone.

Yes! The Twister keeps your bird animated, exercises facial and neck muscles, helps with coordination and keeps him or her busy. A busy bird is a happy bird. Then.... you get to reuse the large and colorful beads over and over in other toys.

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