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10 Things to never feed your bird

Posted Bonnie Dater Jay on 11/7/2019

10 Things to never feed your bird

By Bonnie Dater Jay

There is a wonderful world of healthy and wholesome food out there that we can offer to our beautiful birds, but there are some that are not healthy and in some instances are deadly.

The following should never be offered to a parrot as they are toxic 

  1. Chocolate or cocoa

  2. Caffeine

  3. Animal fat

  4. Avocado

  5. Peanuts (human grade or otherwise)

  6. Meat or fish

  7. Alcohol

  8. Fruit seeds or pits of fruit 

  9. Dairy of any kind

  10. Cassava (Tapioca)

Foods to avoid are: products high in salt, sugar, any kind of fat or foods that contain dyes or preservatives.