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5 things that can stress your bird this holiday season

Posted Bonnie Dater Jay on 12/14/2019

5 things that can stress your bird this holiday season

By Bonnie Dater Jay 

  1. Changes in their environment such as a tree or decorations or additional furniture. Try not to make them overwhelming and explain to your bird what you are about to do and what things are once you make any changes… they understand on some level.

  1. Meeting new people who are far too aggressive, try to touch or pick up your bird or insert themselves into your bird’s personal space with no place to hide from them. Loud or large groups of new people.

  1. New smells and aromas that are very strong and or toxic such as off gassing of teflon or other non stick pans or containers. Never use non stick in a home with birds. Ever. Even some ceramic pans have PTFE in them. This won’t stress them, it will kill them.

  1. Having their cage or play stand or environmental location moved or significantly changed. If necessary please do not isolate your bird from the excitement of the holidays unless you see withdrawal behavior or fear behavior… just keep them safe and away from any possible danger at all times.

  1. Missing one-on-one time with family. It’s critical to make some time for your feathery kid even though you’re busy and things are bustling all around.

       *If your bird is going to watch you unwrap gifts, make sure he/she has a gift to unwrap as well.

Happy Holidays from all of us at StarBird… Mom, Mattie Moonbeam and Chiahna Star.