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All about parrots moving and the StarBird Get a Grip Climbing Net

Posted Bonnie Dater Jay on 11/9/2018

All about parrots moving and the StarBird Get a Grip Climbing Net


Birds gotta move.

They fly to forage and find food. Play and swing on branches and as with some cockatoos, chomp them off where they connect to the tree so they  fall and flap and scream only to settle on another thin twig and chomp that one off as well.

They are made to move. They love to move. They need to move. 

But what about our captive parrots who don't have flight or trees or anything resembling a natural environment? What about them? They are house bound, and for many often locked inside cages with no possibility of spending much or any time out of their prison. 

That all changed in 2002 when Bonnie Jay figured out how to help captive parrots be more like the wild parrots. She gave them the top of a tree where everythng moves. She wanted and did build a tree in everyone's home. A place where noting is completely stable. Where, like the think branches at the top of a tree actually move. 

The result is the StarBird Get a Grip climbing net for parrots (and other animals as well it turns out).  The StarBird Get a Grip climbing net provides a slightly unstable footing... the birds can easily grasp the ropes, but their bodies will move a bit and muscle group one says to muscle group two … “you push and I'll pull and we won't tip over.” 

So in the safety of a home, in a bird room, den, or aviary, Bonnie created  and brought to aviculture a way to keep birds moving... and having a blast doing it. 

The Get a Grip is made of raw, untreated abaca. It has a very delicate fragrance kind of like sunshine and fresh air. It is non-toixc, mold and mildew resistant, washable and has natural anti-bacterial properties. That's why Bonnie chose it for the birds.

StarBird make the finest net available. Lots of companies have copied the Get a Grip, some with dangerous and deadly copies, but as we know... the original is always the finest. Safe, clean, well made and long lasting.  

Short story.... a StarBird Parrot customer bought a Get a Grip for her birds, but one of her macaws was cage bound. She would never ever come out of her cage. But when Bonnie's customer removed the other birds from the bird room and allowed Luka her choice to come out to  investigate or not... Luka came out. She not only loved the Get a Grip net, she claimed it as her very own and didn't want anyone else on it … at least in the beginning.

Now Luca is an active and full fledged member of the bird room. The only time she goes back into her cage is to eat. She even sleeps on the Get a Grip. She and all the other birds play on the net all day... making up games, exercising their muscles, working their brains, and swinging upside down while flapping their wings with a really solid grip. That's where the name came from, … a solid grip with lots of flapping and extraordinary exercise that all birds desperately need and rarely get.

The Get a Grip is one of the most revolutionary ideas created  for enriching and improving a captive parrots life.  

“Over time, I've come to see Get a Grip nets as one of my “must have” bird items. I'm not the Get a Grip convert, either! If a person is looking to provide their birds with a high quality product that will encourage activity and play, you just cannot go wrong with the StarBird  Get a Grip net. 

I purchased the net in 2007 and thought my three birds would like the net, but I had no idea before I bought it just how much they would love it! 

When I first purchased the net, all three of my bird had clipped wings. It is incredible how much choice and freedom this one item supplied! Get a Grip nets could almost be viewed as a necessity item for anyone interested in providing clipped birds with a sense of independence and choice similar to that experience by flighted birds. 

Flighted birds enjoy then too~ All three of mine are now flighted and the still loving playing on, in and around their net. 

Prior to obtaining the net I had three separate play areas in the bird room and the the net connected those areas and made an additional play area. It expanded their world and offered them more choices than I originally imagined it would. Christine, the owner of the store where I purchased the Get a Grip  said her birds climb all over them, climb through them, in and out of the squares, rest on them and hang off them when playing. 

I hung mine like a hammock and have altered the configuration several times to give the birds a little variety. 

If I'd known just how much environmental enrichment these nets would offer, I would have purchased one much sooner!  M Czaikowski