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A Parrot's Bill of Rights

Choosing Safe Toys for your Bird

6/20/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Using common sense, a few practical tips and a healthy diet mixed with love, you and your feathery kid(s) can look forward to a happy and wonderful life together.

Five fun things to do that will encourage your bird eat pellets and veggies

7/16/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Little tweaks that will have your bird loving pellets...

How to Eat Like a Bird

6/12/2018 by Unknown
Instructions for correct etiquette when eating at home... if you're a bird.

Prevent the Bite

6/11/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Body language, expectations and how to prevent getting bitten.

The Truth About Red Palm Oil

7/5/2018 by Bonnie Jay
The facts about why to never give red palm oil to any parrot.