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A Parrot's Bill of Rights

Choosing Safe Toys for your Bird

6/20/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Using common sense, a few practical tips and a healthy diet mixed with love, you and your feathery kid(s) can look forward to a happy and wonderful life together.

Five fun things to do that will encourage your bird eat pellets and veggies

7/16/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Little tweaks that will have your bird loving pellets...

Five Simple Ways to a Healthier, Happier, Better Behaved Bird

The use of a sleeping cage can change everything for you and your bird.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Bird Safe and Alive

Five tips for keeping your bird safe and alive by knowing how to avoid danger

Five Tips to Keep Your Bird Warm this Winter

Tips for keeping your bird warm this fall and winter

Five ways to keep your bird cool this summer

7/19/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Ways to help keep your bird comfortable this summer

How to Eat Like a Bird

6/12/2018 by Unknown
Instructions for correct etiquette when eating at home... if you're a bird.

Prevent the Bite

6/11/2018 by Bonnie Jay
Body language, expectations and how to prevent getting bitten.

The Truth About Red Palm Oil

7/5/2018 by Bonnie Jay
The facts about why to never give red palm oil to any parrot.