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Brainiac Block

Brainiac Block

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Starbird Brainiac Block    

Make your bird happy with this StarBird original wooden parrot foraging and chewing toy. The StarBird Brainiac Block™ is a stimulating and challenging toy that is designed with a bird's physical and mental health in mind. 

Made of untreated pine the block is a great way to provide hours of entertainment for your bird. To make the Brainiac Block™ irresistible,  accessorize it by inserting slices of nut or pumpkin seeds, twine, ribbons, corn husks or other small and safe intriguing bits into the slots. 

It is an ideal starter toy to get your parrot chewing and foraging. Be sure to hang the block against the bars of the cage so that it doesn't spin. 

...The Brainiac Block is sure to help us beat the devastating effects of parrot boredom, the greatest challenge faced by caregivers and their birds." S. G. Friedman, Ph.D., Applied Behavior Analyst, Utah State University 


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