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Chompin' Chunks

Chompin' Chunks

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Parrot Foraging, Chewing, Stuffing, Carry Around Enrichment Toy 

Portable fun on the go...

Chompin' Chunks  are not your run of the mill wood shapes for toy making. They are a group of 18 non-toxic pine shapes in rainbow colors, perfect as foot toys and foraging blocks. 

Hide these chunks in your feathery companion's toy box, a kraft paper lunch bag or treat cage for him/her to discover. Place them around their cage or hang on the gym. 

The Chompin' Chunks have a large center hole so they can can be easily held in the beak and carried about or filled with veggies, shredded paper, twigs, popsicle sticks. 

They are portable chewing satisfaction wherever your bird chooses.

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