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Colossal BowTie

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Colossal BowTie 

Make the big boys and girls so happy with a toy made just for them. It can be hung or can lie flat. The Colossal BowTie is a preening and playing paradise for your bird. It's a BowTie, but it's 2 feet long. 

You can tie beads and blocks onto the long graceful fibers or use the huge mass of wiggly fibers for foraging fun. For those birds who love the smaller BowTies, you can easily tie a shoelace or small rope several times around the middle of each side, adding shredded paper or palm leaves before you tighten the tie. Then cut once on each side of the main rope wrapping and voila you now have 3 smaller BowTies... 

This chew toy is made of a very special fiber called abaca. StarBird is the first company to ever use this product in bird enrichment. There are no other fibers in use for bird toys that can match the amazing qualities of the abaca in this product. See below. 

ABACA has natural anti-bacterial properties, it's mold and mildew resistant and it's washable.It is a favorite fiber for birds to play with because the fiber is similar to a feather shaft, its great for chewing and for the caregiver, you have the peace of mind knowing what a safe, easy to clean and entertaining fiber it is. Please supervise your bird when using this enrichment product.

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