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Cork Sandwich

Cork Sandwich

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A wonderful layer of thick, yummy cork to whittle out between two slices of balsa wood

  • Hand Made 

  • Weight 1 lb 
  • Ships within two weeks as each is specially made to order
  • Durable, will not fall apart in 10 minutes
  • Multi-Purpose for both foraging and enrichment 
  • Makes into smaller toys when the wood is gone, use the Marbella balls and chain
  • Not a Chinese copy so it supports American businesses

  • Larger size for larger birds, not a dinky toy but one built for your parrot with that powerful beak

  • Tuck treats and goodies in-between the cork and the wood, or hang additional toys to encourage foraging
  • Hours of entertainment for your bird to amuse themselves
  • Keeps your bird busy and a busy bird is a happy bird
  • Offers opportunities for adding other toys using a simple screw eye     

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