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5 Plants that are toxic to parrots

Posted Bonnie Dater Jay on 8/4/2019

We all want our parrots to be happy and feeling well. In the summer so many plants are flowering that we bring them into our homes... but are they toxic to our birds? What about holiday plants? Lets' find out. When in doubt about any plant it is imperative to keep our birds away from any potential contact. 

  1. One plant we often use in our homes is parsley. However it is unsafe for birds and can in some cases be lethal. Let’s enjoy it in our cuisine only. If you purchase dried food for your bird, read the ingredient list first to see if there is any parsley included in the product.

  2. Flowering plants are beautiful but some are deadly. One that we see during the holidays is poinsettia. They are often gifted to us by people who do not know they are dangerous to our birds. And this item is toxic to more than just birds... keep it away from other pets as well, and don't you eat it either. Use artificial decorations for safety the safety of us all.

  3. Holiday decorations often have holly. But it's leaves and berries are deadly so best not to use these and be vigilant to any that come as as part of any holiday decorative piece so avoid anything with red berries.

  4. Mistletoe, another holiday plant is very common and very dangerous. We love to hold it above our heads for shy kisses. But please use artificial mistletoe for all those holiday kisses, not the real stuff, even if it's dried. There’s just too big a risk to have it in the home.

  5. Another flowering plant we love are daffodils ...cheery and springy but highly toxic. Isolate any vases of daffodils to places that your bird will never see them and be tempted by their bright yellow and white colors. Or better yet, do not bring them into the home.