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Mighty Bird Crunchy Bagel

Mighty Bird Crunchy Bagel

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Crunch, crunch, crunch those yummy corrugations, and birdie bagels too...   

  Just look at that toy.... Wow! my birds love cardboard, how about yours?  Two large Birdie Bagels, are stuffed with three and a half pounds of rolled corrugated cardboard for hours and hours and hours of ripping, biting, tearing and tossing, my jaw is sore thinking about it ...smile... with a reusable acrylic bead at the top. 

Busy Busy Birdie.


  • Supports American businesses, Not a Chinese copy  
  • Larger size for larger birds, not a dinky toy but one built for your parrot with that powerful beak
  • Hours of entertainment for your bird to amuse themselves
  • Keeps your bird busy and a busy bird is a happy bird

  • Size: 8 inches x 16  inches 
  • Weight:  3.5 lbs
  • Ships within two weeks as each is specially made to order
  • Durable, will not fall apart in 10 minutes
  • Multi-Purpose for both foraging and enrichment 
  • REUSABLE acrylic bead
  • Safer for your parrot than almost any other brand of toy
  • Made in the USA 

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