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Mighty Bird Extreme WPT-169

Mighty Bird Extreme WPT-169

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Spinning, hanging, rocking and rolling with this colorful activity toy will keep your big beaks engaged and busy. 

The Extreme WPT-169 is a fabulous toy to destroy. It offers your bird hours of stimulated imaginings for play and entertainment. This unit will amuse and entertain your bird for hours while your feathery child enjoys the bright and happy colors and the experience of various shapes to maul and shred, which leaves you time to cook and clean for your feathers :) all the while knowing that your bird is happy and busy; because a busy bird is a happy bird.


You can add favorite toys to the WPT-16 with a screw eye and a quick link for even more fun.

So many choices of which block to chew....           


  • Hand Made 
  • Size: 34.25 inches, x 14 inches 
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Ships within two weeks as each is specially made to order
  • Durable, will not fall apart in 10 minutes
  • Multi-Purpose for both foraging and enrichment 
  • Makes into smaller toys when the wood is gone, use the links and chain
  • All ropes are made of 100% cotton rope, sisal, jute, coconut or paper
  • Safer for your parrot than almost any other brand of toy
  • Made in the USA 


  • Not a Chinese copy so it supports American businesses

  • Larger size for larger birds, not a dinky toy but one built for your parrot with that powerful beak

  • Tuck treats and goodies in-between the blocks and into the holes provided, or hang additional toys to encourage foraging
  • Hours of entertainment for your bird to amuse themselves
  • Keeps your bird busy and a busy bird is a happy bird
  • Offers opportunities for adding other toys using a simple screw eye     

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