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Perch Lock
Better than 2 washers and a wing nut

Perch Lock

On sale: $6.00


(better than 2 washers & a wing nut)

Perch Locks are easy to hold and tighten. They have a surface area of 8 sq. inches of acrylic pressing against the cage bars so they do not need to be tightened like a wing nut.

They are easy on the fingers, and are strong enough to securely hold large perches, food bowls and toys. 

Use the Perch Lock without the threads next to the perch, food bowl or toy and the one with the threads on the other side of the cage bars, tighten gently, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, IT IS NOT NECESSARY and may cause the stainless steel insert to come out or the acrylic to crack. Sold in sets with the washer and the lock being one set. 

Choose your favorite colors: Peridot Amethyst Turquoise Ruby

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