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Picky Pencil
Birdies love pencils. The Picky Pencil is made just for them, with holes to hide treats, veggies, greens or whatever you have in mind, or string other toys from the holes. Then, there's all that lovely bark to pick off, crunch and toss and pine to chew in gay abandon.
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Picky Pencil


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StarBird Picky Pencil

Birdies love to pick and chew right? Their favorite things to pick and chew are bark and wood right? The Picky Pencil is enrichment that is all pick and chew with extra goodies.  

There are two holes that will accommodate pretty much anything you would like to place, maybe stems of greens with the leaves attached, root veggies, treats hidden in smushed paper, even a string of toys that you put on each side of a long shoelace that is threaded through the hole before you add the toys...The happy and fulfilling part is all the bark to pick and drop all over your floor or cage, but that's why we have birds right? To make them happy. A busy bird is a happy bird.

This natural material will vary in size and shape. Some may have little appendages, all the more intriguing to pick and chew.





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