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Ring Around the Rainbow
Ring Around the Rainbow

Ring Around the Rainbow


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  Give your bird the toy they have always dreamt of ... but never had! 

The StarBird Ring Around the Rainbow is every birdie's dream come true. What bird can resist the 'thingy' at the end of a shoelace? Here's an almost never ending supply of rainbow shoelaces and aglets, the 'thingy'. The laces are made of 100% cotton with non-toxic colors and can be tied anywhere!  The New style of the Ring Around the Rainbow is 24 individual laces that can be tied anywhere and everywhere a birdie likes to sit or play. Tie 1, tie 2, tie as many as you like. These laces are very comforting to birds who are new to a home, new cage, are afraid, nervous or tired. They sit and chew and when they finish one there are many more to go. They are extremely relaxing!

I receive so many emails about feather abusive birds who have reduced or stopped their pulling of feathers because they would rather chew on the aglets. Others tell me about their bird not liking other toys, but loving the Ring Around the Rainbow. The advantage of having loose laces is many fold... you can tie or put  them anywhere and everywhere your bird likes  to sit. The can be 'at beak' whenever they feel like it. 

Many birds sit and chew with their eyes closed running the aglet back and forth. How sweet is that?


SUPER TOY!!!  5 Star Review

Posted by Bill on 25th May 2015  Charly, my LSC adores this toy. She loves to chew the aglets, and when all the aglets are gone, she enjoys playing with the strings. I tie a bunch of them together and attach it to a bar of the cage. She plays with the strings and works on untying both the string around the bunch and the string attached to the bar. 

 There was no hesitation about playing with this toy whatsoever. As soon as I hung she toy in her cage she made a beeline for it and worked on the rope until every aglet was history. She then proceeded to detach the string from the cage bars forcing me to learn to tie stronger and tighter knots. As of this writing she always gets the toy down although it does take her longer and longer to untie the knots.


Posted by Mimi on 16th May 2015

My parrots just love chewing on the plastic shoelace ends, so what could be better than the laces with a dozen plastic ends? These shoelace toys give my parrots all day fun!

SHOELACES TOY  5 Star Review

Posted by judy on 11th Mar 2015  My African grey absolutely loves these shoelace rings. Wish you would get the large ones back...


Posted by Lynne on 15th Feb 2015

Funny it was mentioned that birds chew on them with their eyes closed. That's what my plum headed parakeet does. After her finish his, he tried to steal the one from my greys foot toy bowl and fly it back to his cage.

SHOE LACE TOY  5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2015 

Hi Bonnie, As I said to you on phone my bird, Aristotle just loves these!!



Posted by MN on 24th Sep 2014

My TAG is always suspicious of new toys. Sometimes it takes weeks for him to chew on something new. In this case, it took all of two minutes! And he sits quietly for LONG periods just chewing on the laces. It's incredibly peaceful for both of us. This is a great product.

HE LOVES THEM!  5 Star Review

Posted by Traci on 11th Apr 2014  My 23 y/o macaw loves these rainbow laces with multiple aglets. Perhaps now he will stop chewing on my husband's shoe laces since he has his own. I've tied them onto chains from old toys and he sits quietly, chewing away. Lucky for me I bought 10 packages (24/package) of them! StarBird shipped them out right away. I've never seen them anywhere else.


Posted by Bev on 28th Mar 2014  My 24 yr. old Congo African Grey, ET, had plucked her tail feathers since her 1st molt, she has a big stainless steel cage, lots of windows to look outside, and most of the day is outside playing...but still pulled her tail feathers...4 yrs. ago I bought 3 sets of those "shoestring" toys, put them on a round SS ring, and she adored them...I never was so surprised as I was when she stopped pulling out her tail feathers and grew a gorgeous red tail...then she ran out of the laces and after 3+ yrs she started pulling some tail feathers out...had a hard time finding these laces again, but so thankful you had them, she no longer is touching her feathers.

5 Stars
"Excellent Product"
My Congo African Grey likes to nibble the length of these laces, with half-closed eyes, just like a feather. I tried to fashion similar toys for him, with beads, on nylon or leather cord, but he just wasn't interested. I am so happy to find a toy that is comforting to him and promotes relaxation. These laces are truly unique; the colors are gorgeous, the possibilities are endless and the aglets make the toy. My parrot rejects a lot of things that other birds seem to enjoy, but he really loves these laces. I heartily recommend the Ring Around the Rainbow -- it's so much fun to watch them "preen" and have such a good time.
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 1/12/2016
5 Stars
My Plummies favorite!
This has been my Plum Headed Parakeets favorite toy for years!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 8/27/2015
5 Stars
Pet owner
I have to give this toy an excellent choice, at least for my picky and very selective African Grey. Tied one to my collar while he was perched there and he played with untying it without hesitation.
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Reviewed by:  from Coos Bay Oregon. on 11/13/2018
5 Stars
This is Kundi's most long-LOVED toy.; she never tires of it! She will worry on the "aglets" (the thingies on the end of a shoelace) for hours, often going into a trance. A lovely natural pacifier for my Grey.
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Reviewed by:  from Shelburne, VT. on 10/3/2016
5 Stars
Favorite toy!
My macaw is hooked on these laces on the ring around the rainbow toy. I can't order enough! This is her favorite thing to do on her play stand.
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Reviewed by:  from Nesbit, MS. on 8/9/2016
5 Stars
Love it
My Congo African Grey Sammy loves this toy!!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin . on 5/25/2016
5 Stars
Best Little Toy Around
No birdie doens't love an aglet and there are aglets all over these laces.. tie them onto things or just hand one over... great birdie pacifier, toy, chewing thing... super super good and all 3 of my birds love them. I recommend them highly as these are unique and very clever ... they are the best.
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Reviewed by:  from Cramer Creek. on 6/29/2019

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