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The How and Why Your Bird Needs Toys

Posted Bonnie Dater Jay on 12/18/2018


Birds need to move. In the wild they fly, the play with natural materials in their environment and they and forage for food. But in our homes they are mostly static.


Wanting to provide the best possible environment in our homes we need to look for ways to emulate the natural world.


How can we do that? With a variety of clever, fun, safe toys. There are foraging toys for searching and finding treats or even most of their daily food intake. There are toys to chew made of bird safe wood, fiber toys for playing on and with, such as the StarBird Get a Grip climbing net.


Every bird appreciates the chance to fill their day with fun activities and it's up to us to find the ones that appeal most to any particular bird. And all birds including our little budgies (American parakeets) love to play. Never underestimate the little ones... they may be small on the outside, but they are big birdies inside.


To find those materials and styles that are appealing, we need to offer a variety of forms and materials. In observing our bird's behavior we can see to which toys they gravitate... is it wood or maybe fibers or shoelaces with the aglets at the end like the Starbird Ring Around the Rainbow.


 Toys that make noise. Bird safe bells, things that turn and make a sound, bird safe rattles, even well washed pill containers with several popcorn kernels inside make a wonderful rattle. Mattie, Bonnie's Moluccan  (salmon-crested cockatoo) loves to play toss with her little containers Mattie shake, shake, shakes the container and then tosses it high into the air for Bonnie to catch. This game can easily last for 15 or 20 minutes.


Whatever we offer needs to be challenging and engaging. Colors can attract birds to a toy, but the toy has to be appealing to cause the bird to want to play with it.