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The ORIGINAL Get a Grip LARGE LONG Climbing Net 4X8' 1" rope for large birds 26#

The ORIGINAL Get a Grip LARGE LONG Climbing Net 4X8' 1" rope for large birds 26#

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Large Longs will be here end of December

Would your bird love an amazing fiber exercising and climbing net?  


Not only are climbing and exercising nets a beautiful, yes a beautiful looking accessory for any parrot species, climbing ropes offer more benefits than one can imagine.

Bonnie Jay, founder of StarBird Parrot, created invented and manufactured the first exercise net ever for birds in 2002

The Get a Grip is the first, original and authentic net, superior to all others in every way. Copies are just that, copies made by people who would rather steal an idea than create their own.  

We all know the idiom ?use it or lose it? when it comes to muscles. The same applies to our birds. Companion parrots generally have a comfortable lifestyle compared to their wild counterparts ? who have to fly around in order to find food and nesting materials and play with friends. Wild parrots also have to navigate many climbing challenges in order to survive. 

Most of our companion parrots simply wait for us to bring them their necessities for life. When it comes right down to it, they really don't have many opportunities to stay in shape, that is unless you, their caregiver provides them with the necessary tools such as the Get a Grip, an exercising and climbing net that is like the tops of trees where everything moves.

Exercising nets for birds can be accessorized to create an outdoor feel by adding bird safe leaves, branches, toys, and foraging for treats. All parrots we have sold to, enjoy the texture of the rope and find it very enriching. 

Your bird can go in and out of the spaces, climb, forage, swing upside down with a great 'GRIP' and play, all the while  their mind and challenging their body. 

When suspended horizontally, (there are also other ways to utilize this amazing net) a physically challenged bird can also play on the Get a Grip because the fiber Bonnie decided to use years and years ago for the Get a Grip offers secure footing for all birds, providing a feeling of safety and comfort for your parrot. 


Always supervise your bird. Some of those aforementioned copies are deadly. If it's not a StarBird Get a Grip it's a copy.

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