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Is your parrot just sitting around, maybe feather picking, screaming or biting? Does he or she seem uninterested in play? Your bird is bored, but it's not your fault if they aren't interested in play...  I can help you fix that inactivity.

A busy bird is a happy bird. 

The StarBird Parrot and Mighty Bird lines of parrot products have been changing these behaviors for years by providing natural toys for bored birds. 

We have designed toys and enrichment that are intriguing, fun and challenging and they help your bird be active and happy.

Toys of wood and rope fibers are particularly fun for parrots...chewing, swinging and making up games engages their minds and bodies.                                     

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our products.

“I heartily recommend the Ring Around the Rainbow -- it's so much fun to watch them "preen" it and have such a good time.”   Alice 

“StarBird products are the new breed of playthings designed for what a bird wants and needs. Physical activity and intellectual challenges that make birds think and reason are essential for a parrot every day. Marc Morrone

“I just wanted to tell you than my male Eclectus, Ollie, never played with toys or chewed anything until I bought toys from StarBird Parrot. His favorite is the Brainiac block. My vet said, “it's not that Ollie doesn't like toys – you just haven't found the toys that Ollie likes.” Thanks, Michele

We LOVE our rainbows! Everyone is so happy, preening them into oblivion. thank you so much!  Phoebe Linden Santa Barbara Bird Farm

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